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Ways to make your period better

You know your period is around the corner, and suddenly your life seems like the most gruesome horror movie. We understand. Most of us have probably gone through countless painful period days with a smile plastered on our faces, just suffering and waiting for the agony to end.

While we've learned to embrace Aunt Flo's monthly visits, there are a few things you can do to make her stay less painful.

Get less salty

Okay, salt is literally the flavor of life and giving up on it can seem like a nightmare but the fact of the matter is that eating salty food during your period exacerbates cramping, fluid retention and bloating. We don't want to be in pain and face excessive bloating now do we?

Hot water bags for the win

The beauty of work from home? You can sit with hot water bags while your insides decided to have a WWE match! Hot water bags provide comfort and kill pain at a molecular level. When heat is applied to the skin, the heat receptors get switched on and block the effect of chemical messengers causing the pain. Guess we have a new BFF!

Increase your iron intake

While your body is gushing out blood, you know what you're losing a chunk of? Iron! Increasing your intakes of food like red meat, beans, spinach and fortified cereals will rebalance your iron levels, boost your energy and stop you from getting anemic.

Indulge in some dark chocolate

Okay, now we're talking! Chocolate during your period is great, but only when it's the 70% cocoa kind. Dark chocolate is the super-hero we all need. It encourages the body to release endorphins and is also high in magnesium which eases cramps. 

Water is your best friend

At the start of your menstrual cycle, your progesterone and estrogen levels are low, causing your body to retain water, which can leave you feeling bloated and sluggish. Make sure to have at least 8 glasses of water a day to beat bloating and keep your body hydrated.

Dietary supplements

Including natural dietary supplements like For PMS & Cramps capsules can help alleviate your pain. Since the supplements are natural and derive their power from Ayurvedic ingredients, your body will get some serious help in beating cramps, bloating, mood swings and the other painful effects of your period.

Say goodbye to your vices

Drinking coffee and alcohol can seriously dehydrate you and cause your symptoms to worsen. We're not asking you to say toodle-doo to them all together, but keep them at bay during your period.

Get some zzz

Getting some quality shut-eye can help you regain your energy levels and feel a lot more energized. Being on your period is the best reason to take a step back and get more hours of sleep in.

Get your body moving


Yes, curling up in front of your TV with pizza and chocolates is what we want to do but light exercises can do wonders for your mood and pain levels! No, we're not tricking you into a workout, this is the truth. Some walking, light stretching or yoga is all you need to feel like a goddess. 


Most of all, remember to be kind to yourselves and your bodies. Cut yourself some slack, listen to your body's cravings and go with the flow. There is no blanket rule to your period. 


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