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Ease Your PMS Symptoms Naturally

Girl clutching her stomach due to pain

Why do period symptoms start before your period!
Like not only do I have to deal with the pain during my cycle but I have to deal with the appetizers too!

Premenstrual symptoms certainly bring a bunch of difficulties. Nonetheless, you do not have to let these issues rule your life. Premenstrual syndrome can be reduced or managed with the help of simple lifestyle changes. Let’s have a look at a few of these: 


Exercise might not look like the best option during PMS, but it can actually relax your muscles and enhance your mood. Don't worry, you don’t have to do high-intensity workouts or cardio.
Try moderate-intensity workouts, stretching, yoga, or meditation. They can help you relieve stress and induce happy hormones. The most impactful yoga stances during PMS are cobra, downward-facing dog, cat and cow, and fish pose.

During heavy bleeding days; however, the best exercise is a light walk as it allows your lungs to function properly. 

A woman doing yoga.

Stress Management 

Stress is not just bad for your health, but also for premenstrual syndrome. It releases hormones that worsen the pain. So, avoid indulging in activities that may cause you pain. 
Take this time as an opportunity to engage with your hobbies. Explore things that keep you happy. Talk to a friend or a loved one.

Two friends talking


Don’t forget to sleep on time! A peaceful sleep can calm your mind and body. Every night, try to get the required 7-9 hours of sleep. 
Program your body by creating a consistent sleep routine. 

A girl sleeping on the bed resting.


Increase the intake of food rich in magnesium, Vitamin B, zinc, and iron. These food support your adrenal glands that lower the cortisol levels and break the stress cycle in your body. 
Add dark leafy greens, high-quality meats, bananas, and avocados to your meals. Nuts can also help in reducing pain. We suggest that you eat healthy all month rather than changing your diet during PMS symptoms.

Fruits like banana, avocado, and nuts

Herbal & Dietary Supplements 

If you suffer severe PMS symptoms, instead of taking painkillers, try including supplements to cope with PMS more effectively. 
Consuming about 360 mg of magnesium per day can alleviate the symptoms like bloating, fluid retention, and discomfort in your breasts. 

An ayurvedic supplement For PMS & Cramps by The Basics can be a healthier replacement. Start taking one capsule a week before your periods, preferably after your meal, until your periods end.

For Cramps & Periods Product
Other supplements include calcium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, and Chasteberry. They can help you deal with weariness, fewer fluctuations in appetite, as well as less depression. 

(Still, we recommend consulting your doctor before taking any sort of supplement). 

Do you still need to see a doctor? 

Women consulting a doctor

You may not entirely get rid of premenstrual symptoms, but you can definitely lessen the severity of these symptoms with a healthy lifestyle. 

If you have tried all the aforementioned tips and are still struggling to get rid of PMS, then it’s time to book an appointment with your doctor. Don’t let the risk of PMS get higher with time, and consult your doctor before they lead to severe trauma, depression, or other adversities. 


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