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Let it flow!

Psst, your period is actually GREAT!

Yes, you read the title right. As much as we dread Aunt Flo’s monthly visits, she comes in good faith. 

While your period may make you crave ungodly amounts of food and give you zits right before that important zoom meeting, your period may be more beneficial for you than you could ever imagine. 


Here are some surprising facts about your period that prove that moon time is pretty awesome.

Your period can make you glow

During the first day of your cycle, your estrogen level is low but in the next few days, as it heightens, you feel more attractive and feminine because it suppresses your stress hormones. So say ciao to your zits and get ready to hug that inner glow!

It heightens sexual pleasure

Contrary to what we believe, sex during your period can be more pleasurable for women. Studies show that women are more turned on during this period and you’re likely to enjoy it a lot more. I mean what’s a bedsheet or two sacrificed for orgasms?

It helps you live longer

When you are menstruating, your body discharges iron which contributes to an increased lifespan. Based on studies by longevity experts, iron loss can help reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease. 

Hah, all this bloodshed is not in vain!

Doubles as the ultimate reason for self-care

Let’s be real, most of us tend to get so caught up being boss women, that forget to give ourselves some TLC until our cramps give us no choice but to. 

Curling up with a packet of chips, or two, or three, and giving your skin and body the care it needs with zero guilt let's us take a break from being so hard on ourselves.

An amazing way to bond

Every woman out there knows the power of the women’s washroom. Ten minutes there and you’ve made more friends than you did at the party. That is the power of female bonds. Women who hand you pads when you don’t have any are the real heroes without capes and just knowing that we all collectively go through the same thing gives us a sense of support. Also, let’s not forget, MOON SISTERS. Syncing with your BFF is probably a care package in itself.

Let’s you know you’re not pregnant

Unless you’re actively trying, your period being even a day late is what nightmares are made of. We all hate getting our period, but when it decides to play peek-a-boo with you, your entire life comes flashing in front of you. So yay, period!


So the next time you're giving your mental speech about how your period is your nemesis, cut it some slack. Being a woman is awesome, and your period is just part of that awesomeness.


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