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Battling PCOS? – Brew These Herbal Teas to Balance Hormones

Herbal Teas for Balancing Hormones

Herbal teas are a boon to countless ailing individuals globally. PCOS sufferers are no exception to this. The medicinal properties of herbal teas offer a plethora of health benefits to women battling PCOS. Whether you wish to balance your hormones or reduce insulin resistance, you can find a herbal tea for it.

So, you might be wondering which herbal tea would treat what symptoms of PCOS the best, aren’t you? Check out this list of medicinal teas to choose the right PCOS hormone-balancing tea.

5 Best Herbal Teas for Balancing Hormones

1. Spearmint Tea

Is excessive facial hair (hirsutism) bothering you? Sip a couple of cups of spearmint tea daily. It helps lower your androgen levels in merely five days. Spearmint tea is effective in mitigating hirsutism. It reduces hair growth on the face, abdomen, and chest of women.

The herbal tea is also a boon for PCOS sufferers having troubled ovulation. It reduces male hormones, such as testosterone, and boosts female hormones, such as FSH, LH, and estradiol. So, you experience healthy ovulation and improved fertility. Make it a habit to drink spearmint tea every morning and evening.

 2. Liquorice Root Tea

If acne and excess facial hair are your concerns, choose Liquorice root tea. It helps lower elevated testosterone levels in women. It also helps reduce insulin resistance remarkably.

If you have a sweet tooth, you will love drinking this PCOD herbal tea, as it tastes sweet. Whenever you crave sweets, you may sip Liquorice root tea. Limit its intake if you have hypertension.

3. Ginger Tea

Being a powerhouse of anti-inflammatory properties, ginger tea helps minimize period cramps and headaches in PCOS sufferers. It helps balance female hormones.

Ginger promotes the release of serotonin – the happiness molecule. This helps improve your mood and reduces mood swings. The herbal PCOS tea also helps maintain blood sugar levels. So, have freshly brewed ginger tea daily. You may also add a dash of honey or some lemon juice to it for added benefits.

 4. Green Tea

One of the time-tested tea for beating obesity in PCOS sufferers is green tea. You experience a marked drop in your testosterone levels after having it regularly. Also, green tea helps minimize insulin resistance. So, if you are a PCOS sufferer with a pre-diabetic or diabetic condition, green tea can help you keep your blood sugar in check. Replace your usual tea with a cup of green tea and balance your hormones and blood sugar.

 5. Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon tea helps improve menstrual cyclicity and fertility in PCOS sufferers. It also curbs heavy menstrual bleeding and treats uterine fibroids naturally.

The herbal tea also helps improve insulin sensitivity. So, you can prevent a spike in your blood sugar by having it regularly. On top of that, drinking cinnamon tea every morning can also help you melt away belly fat and get in shape.

Now that you know which herbal tea can address which PCOS symptoms the best, go for the one that suits your concerns. Consulting certified nutritionists can help you make more accurate choices when buying PCOS tea. So, waste no time, get in touch with us at The Basics Woman and pave your way to enjoy a healthy life by managing PCOS naturally.


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