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Combating PCOS Related Hair Fall


Sadly, PCOS comes with a few not-so-pleasant symptoms and hair loss is one of them. If you're worried about the clump of hair in your drain, we understand. It's not an easy journey, but we're going to try to make it a lot easier for you!

First things first, let's understand what causes increased hair fall

You can pin this on the excessive androgenic hormones that people with PCOS commonly have. It brings with it acne, hair thinning, and a general reduction in hair quality. In more severe cases, a hormonal imbalance can lead to androgen alopecia that could cause a receding hairline and bald patches.

For The Basics' Founder Suchita, it all started from hair fall. In a candid conversation about living with PCOS, she spoke about the signs that pointed to PCOS.

"I noticed losing clumps of hair in the shower which was way more than just normal shedding. My skin would get really oily which also made my hair oily since the scalp is just an extension of our skin. I was always on the lean side so it was difficult for me to realize that my hair fall was because of PCOS"

The most common question we are asked is if you can reverse the hair fall caused due to PCOS and if the hair will grow back. While it is a painfully slow process, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

So, How can you treat PCOS-related hair fall?

Opt for Zinc


According to a 2016 study, taking zinc can help with PCOS related hair fall. It concluded that using 50mg of elemental zinc daily for a period of 8 weeks had a positive impact on hair fall.

 De-stress for the tress(es)

 De stress

High cortisol is secreted when we undergo chronic stress which influences the production of male hormones. Adaptogenic herbs like Ashwagandha and oil massages using Rosemary oil not only help to calm the nervous system but also work towards scalp health which is an important component for hair growth.

Manage your insulin levels

 Manage your insulin levels

Majority of women suffering from PCOS have high levels of insulin which leads to production of male hormones. Eating a low glycemic index diet and cutting out refined carbs can help balance hormones.

Herbal teas and supplements

 Herbal teas and supplements

Herbal teas and supplements like For PMS and cramps use the power of Ayurvedic Herbs to balance our hormones thereby working on  hair health. Add these to your diet to see steady improvements without needing to opt for quick fixes.

That being said, ensure to consult a doctor to understand what route is best for you. In cases where medical treatments are required, teas and supplements  are an add on and a way to keep consistent results.

Research the ingredients in your hair care products

  hair care products

The products you use are also key in beating hair fall. Try to ensure that your products are free of wax and mineral oils which tend to form a film on the scalp and interfere with natural sebum production.

Add products containing hydrolyzed proteins (keratin and collagen) and B vitamins which are beneficial for your hair growth and strength.

Keep heat at bay for a while

Despite the boss lady feels a nice blowout and styled hair give, keeping heat out of your hair when you're facing hair fall is a good idea since heat can damage weakened hair


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